Meet Sara Rufener

Inspiration and Perspiration behind Real Women Have Muscles.

To empower women to be strong and beautiful by being healthy and fit is my mission!

I think every human and especially young girls and women want to feel something that we've forgotten or turned our backs on. We thought in order to be somebody, we had to look a certain way or be a certain way. We had to be perfect, rather than embrace our imperfections and the things that make us beautiful. 

We need to bring back what used to be good--being authentic and being real.  If we don't begin embracing now who we are, one day, we won't recognize who we are. Strong women rule in mind and body!  This is why I want young girls and women to MIND THEIR MUSCLES because if they do, they can and will believe they are capable of anything. 

We all have goals, so do I.

My mission and the mission of Real Women Have Muscles is to empower women young and old to be strong and beautiful by being healthy both in body and mind! Teaching women to flex their muscles from the inside out is my passion. I hope that through this site, I can influence women from every walk of life, to become stronger and more confident versions of themselves.  It is true. Confidence is the sexiest accessory a woman can wear, and this begins first in our minds.

I was not always strong nor was I confident. I am my own work in progress. As a pre-adolescent, there were only two things I wanted in life: one was to have clear skin, the other was to be skinny. I remember as a young girl, I was always the stocky one with the athletic build and my sister was the skinny one. I was the girl or so I thought, with the bad skin, and the stocky, athletic body. Not quite the ideal situation when you are young and highly impressionable. Furthermore, to correct curvature in my bones, I had to wear a leg brace on my left leg. At the time, I didn’t know what it meant to be a strong and confident or that I had it in me at all.

I was shy, and I often found myself using school as an outlet to the issues I had surrounding my body. I think as women we never lose those feelings we have surrounding our bodies, but as we get older, we get better at hiding them. I remember days I would cry because I hated how I looked. I had trouble looking people in the eyes when I spoke to them because I didn’t want them to look at my acne ridden skin. As a young woman, I thought that this was all everyone could see because this was all I could see. 

It wasn’t until my third year in college, that things began to change for me. Although I had set many goals, and accomplished many things along the way, it was not until I began running, and going to the gym, that I found a new inner strength. I took a mandatory health class, and the professor required that we set a goal for the term. Still feeling body conscious, I decided my goal would be to exercise for 15 minutes, three times a week. For years, I had blown off the notion of physical activity because of my own lack of confidence. In that time, I worked up to being able to run for a solid fifteen minutes. I also joined a gym, and began working out regularly. My confidence soared! Not only did the athletic body I had so desperately wanted to get rid of as a girl begin to transform, I began to transform and take on a healthier view of myself and my body. With exercise, I became a smaller version of myself, and began to embrace and love my athletic build.   15 minutes of running turned into a life long goal of running a marathon in every state, and a lifelong passion for fitness.

Does this mean I have it all figured out?  Of course not and at times, I still find myself wishing I were leaner, prettier and sexier. Sometimes I still see myself as that girl with the bad skin, and the stocky build. My shoulders aren’t dainty, nor are they proportional to my hips, but they are mine. Will I ever look like the models on the front of beauty magazines? No.  But I have learned to embrace my strengths, and use them to follow my passions. The struggle to be skinnier, prettier and sexier will always persist if that is where we choose to place our focus.  It was only when I chose to change the beliefs I had surrounding my body, that my body then changed. I am strong because I believe I am. My beliefs determine that which I am. I am confident. I am a Real Woman With Muscles.