Mind Your Muscles - Minimize Your Fat

What is contained in this program. This will be in the form of an e-book.

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in a nutshell:

In my attempt to come up with something concise and to the point, that provides you the customer with great results, I am going to try to keep this as simple as possible. My goal with this program is to provide you with a platform to achieve the body you want while learning lasting and practical ways to love the beautiful person you are. 

nutritional guideline:

  • Introduction and Instruction to gaining muscle and losing fat
  • Supplements to be used in conjunction with the program and tools used
  • Grocery List
  • Nutrition Outline
  • Ways to track calories if you feel the need
  • Frequently Asked Questions Page

Supplements and Tools: 

These are things I take on a daily basis to stay lean and feel good. Yes, this may involve some extra work in the morning and with meals, but it will be worth it. It won't overwhelm you. It’s not that hard, once you form good habits.

I choose to buy high quality supplements that do not contain any fillers within them. I would highly recommend doing the same.  Because you will be taking these daily to aid in muscle repair, recovery and fat-loss, you don’t want to be putting just anything into your body. Go to your local health food store or supplement store that carries minimally processed items. 

Grocery list:

If you stock your fridge with good food, you will eat good food. Whether we plan or don’t plan, herein lies our success. Failing to plan is one of our greatest barriers to success.  The list in my program, while not exhaustive, is intended to provide you with a list of foods necessary to succeed.  A healthy diet should include proteins, fats and carbohydratess. Our bodies need all three in differing proportions according to our goals. 

Guide for
training days/Off Days

Eat according to your goals, period. This being said, on training days, you will want to make sure to fuel your body with a healthy dose of carbs in addition to fats and proteins. On non-training days, you will want to eat a lower amount of carbs, but combine these with proteins and fats. The prescription is here to help you succeed. You just have to be a willing participant and feel good about the process. 

In conclusion: Simplicity

Eating should not have to be so complicated. I am giving you tips and tools I know work, and have worked for me. If shedding fat, and getting leaner is your goal, then incorporating this system into your life will be wise. You do not have to stay eating this way indefinitely, but 8 weeks will help you implement some good changes, and see results, that will make you want to continue.