How To Be Skinny!

As I sat drinking my coffee this morning, I began contemplating a title for a future book. As I began thinking of catchy titles, the most catchy title that came to me was, How To Be Skinny. Really? Is that all you can come up with? I thought to myself. How can you say you support health and wellbeing when the only title you can come up with is on how to be skinny? I don’t care who you are, what age you are, religion or sexual preference, there is feeling that transcends all other feelings when we feel skinny. Do I support anorexia, and eating disorders, all the things known to help us achieve a smaller body? No, of course not. Being skinny and feeling good about the size we are is not a number on a scale or how our clothes fit, it is a feeling. When we feel good about our body, it is not going to matter what the scale says or quite how our clothes are fitting. When we have good feelings, this means we are having good thoughts regarding ourselves, and this is in turn creates our experience.

 This summer has been challenging for me as is every other summer. While I like my legs to be small,  it seems, they like to be bigger than I prefer.  Being bigger, my shorts are tight. When my shorts are tight, I don’t feel as good about myself. I feel I should be working harder, maybe eating less, doing all the things that will help me be skinny. The interesting thing is, is that as of recent, I feel skinny. Yes, my shorts are tighter than I prefer, no the scale is not my perfect number, but I actually feel good about my body. I look in the mirror and I see a body that reflects both strength and beauty. Without being nitpicky, and critical of everything not quite perfect with my exterior self, I find I am happy, healthy and whole. My body tends to fluctuate anywhere between 3 to 5 pounds on any given day or week.  Rather than fight my body, I am better learning to go with the flow.

Being skinny is an inside job. If we don’t do the internal work to change or rather recognize our thoughts and the persistent internal dialogue that tells us we need to work harder, look better, be smaller, it won’t matter how big or small we are on the outside. I have seen the smallest most beautiful people think they are fat, and bigger, less attractive people by society’s standards think they look great and exude a confidence that says, I am good just the way I am. So how do we be skinny? By bypassing the thoughts and feelings that tell us otherwise. Self care. This means not harping on our bodies and doing things that make us feel good. 

Mind. Your. Muscles. 

Love and Lunges,