Your Negative Beliefs Are Keeping You Stuck!

As a trainer, I often hear people complaining about their body, but are not willing to do anything about it. They talk about it with such comments as “I’ve always been this way. I’ve always had a stomach. Everyone in my family is cursed with [ fill in the blank],” never realizing that the more they emphasize the negative, the more it persists.  What we believe exists, persists. Their focus on the negative is keeping them stuck. We must focus on the positive and take actions that align with our desires. We want a flatter stomach, we must believe this is possible. Our beliefs, good or bad, positive or negative are the catalyst behind our actions and our results. 


In a nutshell (and make that a walnut shell), how do we change? How do we get unstuck? We stop pretending that everything is ok, being subservient to the statements we continually tell ourselves. We begin telling ourselves better feeling stories. “Even though I am not exactly where I want to be, even though I have this stomach that drives me nuts, I am going to love myself anyway.” And this is how we change. We begin from a place of love. A person who loves themselves will take actions that match. In the same regard, a person who is not happy with themselves, will take actions that match. When we change the stories, we change the patterns within our bodies. When we change old patterns, we make room for new patterns to emerge. What we once thought was a life-long curse is now just a new belief away. When we make the conscious effort to align ourselves with our desires, we in turn change. It’s not rocket science, but the science that we have the power to change our beliefs, and change the patterns that are keeping us stuck. We are our best resource for change. Everything begins and ends with us. 

Belief followed by action will invoke lasting change.

Love and Lunges,