Your Weekly Rx: Mind. Your. Muscles.

Are You Doing What You Love?

It is so easy sometimes to become bogged down, disappointed and feel we are lacking purpose.  Growing up in a very quote, unquote conservative christian home, I was guilt ridden thinkingthat if I wasn't serving in a church on Sunday, I was somehow off-track and far from where I needed to be.  I later learned and have come to define service as sharing our passions with the world. We show love by doing what we are passionate about. If you are a nurse, be the best nurse you can be. If you are a secretary, then be the best at what you do. I became a trainer because I love being fit and sharing that passion with others. I go to work to spread joy, to help others feel better about themselves and their body. Oh, and I happen to make money in the process.

My passion is to exhort women, to encourage them and build them up to be strong in body and mind. MIND YOUR MUSCLES is a call to strengthen your inner and outer muscles daily. We are powerful creatures, not because of anything we have done but because of the love that is inside us. “It is our light not our darkness that frightens us most.” Darkness is the absence of light. Fear and anxiety are a deviation from the light.  They keep us stuck and cover our light. If we are fearful and anxious all the time, we won’t be able to move forward and share our passions with others.  We shift from thoughts of love to that of fear.  Fear is what we know. Love is what we are.  

So how do we shift? How do we live our passions? By taking action. If we want to write, then write. If we want to dance, we dance.  Waiting is a sorry signal to send out in to the universe.  Our job is to spread joy. We do this by doing and taking part in things we love.

Love and Lunges,